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What's this?

Octoparts is an API request aggregation service. It works as a middleware between your frontend and backend services, taking care of request parallelization, response caching, fault tolerance and performance visualization.

Octoparts is implemented in Scala, making heavy use of the Hystrix library.

Lightning talk slides from ScalaMatsuri 2014

GitHub repository

The source is available at

Summarised feature list

  • Stateless architecture for simple scaling
  • Parallelization of API requests
  • Tolerance against backend failure
  • Powerful and flexible caching
  • RESTful API documented with Swagger
  • Fully-featured administration section for managing caching, parameters, and alert settings for your backend services
  • Kibana visualisation for your backend service performance metrics

Screenshots (Click to enlarge)

Getting started

To try Octoparts for yourself, checkout the Getting Started guide.


To see what may have changed with each release, check out our Changelog.